by Craig Gore



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released July 1, 2010

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Craig Gore Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Ballerina
I can feel you-
Grace of my heart fit to spin

Do I move you?
Tip toe towards the edge and back again….

Step to woo you
Sweetly threw you
Oh the soulful machinations
You put me through

Would I release you
Does the count that I tap out
Reach into you?
Into you?
Track Name: Solution
You’re singing me a song behind a boarded door
Wrapped in your pollution you Sing for your solution

Your melody and mine Clash in separate time
a dissonant confusion Sing for your solution

oh oh oh oh oh

You tripped upon that note That’s tangled and unwrote
Before you thought, you spoke- you sang until you broke

A song to name a pain, Out loud to make it plain
To me cause I remained I listened yet again-
Bb Am D
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

You sang until you broke you killed the fire you stoked
And music filled the hole, dark, and deep and cold

Your tune to fix the sick- The hate, the ache, the trick-
your melancholy soul, the void, the deep, the woe-

you stop to hear the sound of silence so profound
a strong and rooted truth til now unknown to you

A harmony unfolds, and the soul gives rise to hope
up the scale you rose so sing what you now know.

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Track Name: Tiny Bombs
She waits at the window
For nothing but the grey
Dying leaves are falling
At the dulling of the day

Tiny bombs exploding
Heart is giving way
Tiny bombs
Tiny bombs

Up and to the kitchen
Children at her feet
Empty conversation
Husband goes to leave

Tiny bombs exploding
Heart is giving way
Tiny bombs tiny bombs

Maybe she try talking
Cause crying doesn’t walk
Maybe she try praying
But she hasn’t heard the call

Tiny bombs exploding
Heart is giving way
Tiny bombs
tiny bombs

Afternoon distraction
Baby in her bed
Devil caught her wondrin
Now she slippin back

Tiny bombs exploding
Dreams herself away
Tiny bombs
Tiny bombs

Standing in the doorway
Dinner on the stove
Balance is a hangin
Nighttime getting cold

Tiny bombs.
Track Name: She Broke
Boy meets girl on a summer twirl
Starry moonlit night
Said one word and with what she heard
she spilled out all her heart

with a golden rhyme in perfect time
he drew her closer in
without repent she would relent
and save him from his sins

When he spoke
She broke
And they fell in
He smiled
For a while
She forgave it all again

autumn came and christmas passed
days without event
some days he would hit the brakes
and send her for a spin

she dried her eyes and the sun would rise
and they'd begin again
in a springtime room she'd begin to bloom
he'd play his violin
Track Name: True and Green
When I was a seed, not yet in my knowing
I had yet to bleed- or see the open sky
Waiting on the season, the water wasn’t falling
Was buried in the earth, waiting for the time

Then the storm came down the mountain
Cracked me open, split the seam
Then the storm came off the mountain-
I am sprouting, true and green
I am sprouting, true and green

Now I’m a little older, leaves have long been showing.
Trouble cross the meadow, bends me to the dirt.
Sun it starting shining, and I rose up and rode it
I stood up and showed it, regardless of the burn.

Then the storm came down the mountain
Cracked me open, split the seam
Then the storm came like a fountain
I’m sprouting, true and green
I’m sprouting, true and green.

Many seasons passed, since I hid small and shy
Away from changin’ season, away from all the light
Now from nature’s teachin, I’m blooming day and nighttime
And I can love the power, of storm and earth and sky…